as 2021 draws to a close, i thought i'd list up various things i did this year, so that i can look back on it later & remember.

go webb go - the james webb space telescope unfurling its solar panels

first, some game dev stuff i did:

& some personal/work stuff i did:

looking back there's a lot of stuff i wanted to do but couldn't get around to it, mostly because honestly i just didn't have the energy. i spent a lot of this year feeling really stressed about various things in my personal life & at work. this autumn was the worst time for me because i was just incredibly burnt out & felt like i was always tired no matter how much i slept.

i do have some plans for next year both for game dev & personal stuff already though, so i'm going to try to keep at it while also remembering to take it easy so i don't burn out as much again. i had the opportunity to meet someone earlier this month who probably has no idea that they made as much of an impact on me as they did, but chatting with this person who is over a decade my senior & hearing about how they have no idea how they got where they did in life but are still trying to do new things & just not being very good at them, but that's ok, was a good reminder to me that i should really just go at my own pace & not worry about not doing 'enough' compared to other people around me.

as a general list of new year's resolutions to wrap things off:

thank you to everyone who's been kind to me this year & wishing you (& me) a better 2022.