welcome to tiny wanderer. we're still setting things up, but please make yourself at home.

i say we because i want to think of us as many tiny wanderers meandering around the world in our own little places but connected together through the internet. the main reason i set up this site is the strange loneliness i feel from current social media. while we're more easily connected than ever now, i think the ease of connection also increases the ease of disconnection - when it's only one click to follow somebody, it's only one click to unfollow. there's also so much stuff out there that it can get overwhelming.

single nakagin capsule prototype

it also just felt like living permanently in a capsule hotel which i couldn't really make into my own space. everything was already decided - the room size, the furniture, the decorations... it always felt like the system was fighting me whenever i wanted to change anything at all. even the little things that were allowed before (like backgrounds on twitter profiles) were quietly done away with, leaving only the meagre choice of whether to keep the lights on or off (light vs dark mode).

i know the internet looks nicer this way. it's cleaner. neater. but i miss the messiness of the internet i used to know. you could say it was uglier, but it felt friendlier for it. i don't want to live in the online equivalent of a neighbourhood with an overbearing hra. let us have odd-looking houses & untrimmed grass lawns! if i want paint peeling off my virtual fences, that's my prerogative.

anyway, this journal (& this whole site) is something i made to be my own quiet space on the internet, where i can curate what is displayed & display it exactly the way i want to. this is my garden & sometimes it'll be overgrown & maybe the plants aren't the prettiest ones, but i hope that you'll still be able to find a little bit of respite here while you're looking around.